Private Real Estate Tenant Vetting

This service allows landlords to get an informative credit report and credit score on their tenants or aspiring home seekers. Being a property owner comes with risks of non-payment and property mismanagement. While we do not wish for this, it does happen! At FCB, we have identified the need for Private Real Estate owners and property developers to perform suitable vetting for tenants, a model unique to Zimbabwe. Our drive is to solve tenant-related problems for both organisations and the ordinary Zimbabwean.

Benefits of PRET

Property owners, through FCB’s background checks, reduce default risks, property mismanagement, the likelihood of lawsuits due to non-payments and the stress that comes with having to deal with rowdy tenants. Think about it… would you trust your future income in the hands of someone who has a bad credit record? Knowledge is power!


FCB will need consent of firstly, the property owner to capture the property ownership information and secondly the consent of the tenant for FCB to release a report to the property owner. The applicant must insist on relevant documentation which includes.

  1. Copies of I.Ds (of tenant and property owner)
  2. Signed lease agreement
  3. Letter of employment to confirm status of employment
  4. Next of kin details


In the event of rent default, the property owner may exercise the privilege to list the default on the FCB database as a bad debt and may also carry on with the process of civil litigation. The listing is reported as a credit event to all would-be-givers of credit. This may result in denial of facilities including, but not limited to, denial of credit facilities with other institutions.

Documents for Download