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  • Why should you join the Financial Clearing Bureau? We believe that business needs comprehensive intelligence on companies and people who may have civil judgments and/or criminal records from the past and which or whom may not be trusted with your funds or goods in the future. Businesses should be vetting all their new employees, their potential credit customers, and entities they are venturing into business or partnerships with. Make sure you are in the know about the people and companies you are dealing with.
  • How does the system work? Clients will become members of an exclusive association which has as its objects the mutual exchange of credit protection information. Once you are a member of this "club" the Financial Clearing Bureau will accept information on your bad debtors and make this available to other members of the association, should they require it. The Financial Clearing Bureau will also continue to collect intelligence which is in the public domain and which may assist clients from time to time. You submit your enquiries in writing and we provide you with any positive traces on the entity or persons being enquired about. You as the client then decide whether to do business with them. Our clients are required to sign a confidentiality clause which will prevent your disclosure to or the publishing of the information gleaned to any third party (including the person enquired about).
  • How do you join? Be sure that the Financial Clearing Bureau has the form of credit protection service you require. We are not a credit rating agency - we provide historic information on defaulters and leave you to make the decisions. If this is what you require, then you need to contact the Financial Clearing Bureau and arrange to meet with their staff. You may do this through the forms facility below. A representative from the Bureau will give you a run down on the bureau and answer any other questions you may have.

If you still wish to join, then there is a standard contract to be signed and fees to be paid to the Zimbabwe Financial Clearing Association and the Financial Clearing Bureau. Enquiries are charged on a per enquiry basis and clients are billed monthly for their enquiries.

If you are not vetting your customers, and in some cases your staff, before contracting with them, then you might be in trouble already. We would suggest that you contact us and arrange an interview with one of our staff or a director of one of our associated interests. The Financial Clearing Bureau is a must for you credit protection - but consider other aspects of your business security while talking to us. If you are interested in the services of the Financial Clearing Bureau, or for that matter one or all of the services mentioned in this brochure we would be only too happy to direct one of the directors to determine your specific needs and tailor these to the services that we can provide. Credit Protection Services: Financial Clearing Bureau.

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